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Las Vegas shutters is what we do! Welcome to the premier shutters company in Las Vegas. Our specialization is the manufacture and installation of the highest quality basswood plantation shutters in Nevada and California. We work hard to not only source the best products available for sale, but also take pride in being the only company to go the extra mile with regards to installation techniques. What do we mean by that? Most shutters companies are going to try and get through their installations as fast as possible so that they can get the job “completed” and move on to the next customer. This means that they are cutting corners and moving as fast as possible to complete your job. For the installation of plantation shutters, the easiest way to make a job go faster is to use nails instead of screws. This means that they will use an automatic nail gun to get the shutters installed into the windows fast, and while it may look like they are installed correctly, over time nails loosen and come out. Every time you move or open your shutters, those nails are coming loose. Every time the weather changes from hot to cold, those nails are coming loose. This means that over time gaps will form and the installation will become more sloppy. Other companies will tell you that this is just the nature of shutters, but we can assure you that if screws are used instead of nails everything will remain tighter and stronger. Why don’t they want you to know that? Because it takes them about half the time to do their installation jobs than we take. Double the installations in a day means double the money, and they count on you not remembering who they were once the shutters begin to fall apart down the line.


We are the best because we take the time to do the job right. We back our products and if you find anything wrong we are going to get it fixed. Our only goal is to provide not only the best shutters in Las Vegas, but the best installations of shutters as well. We want you to refer us to your friends, and we know that the only way that will happen is if you are totally satisfied.


Contact us today for a completely free estimate and evaluation. Compare us to the others. We are sure you will see that we are the best.

Las Vegas shutters
  • Las Vegas Shutters

  • Custom basswood shutters to beautify your home.
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  • Las Vegas Shades

  • The most beautiful and functional shades available in the valley.
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Who Are We?

The best quality shutters in Las Vegas.

We are the best Las Vegas shutters company providing window coverings in Las Vegas, Henderson and Pahrump. Family owned and operated for three generations, we have been a full service window coverings specialist serving the wholesale and retail markets since 1970.

The Shutters Vegas advantage is clear, with our Premier Basswood panels we have the ability to provide 40″ panels for a cleaner and more open shutters look, while our competition are limited to 28″ panels. Our shutters come with the features of astragals, mortised hinges, mitered frame joints and hidden recessed magnets. In stock shutters can be installed in as little as 3-5 days. Shades and barn doors are also quick turnaround.

Contact us through text, phone or even book an appointment directly on our website to arrange a completely free consultation and estimate on the cost of installing shutters in your Las Vegas home.

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