Las Vegas SEO

Las Vegas SEOLas Vegas SEO and website design for this project were provided by Focus Internet Services, the #1 search engine optimization agency in Las Vegas. Focus Internet Services can be reached at 702-767-4637 or through their website to contract work. SEO for this project consisted of a specific strategy, designed to elevate rankings on search engines for targeted keyphrases. These phrases are chosen using a process of elimination, the first step being to assemble a list of potential phrases that customers may use to search for a business of this type. The phrase list is narrowed by analyzing traffic patterns and appropriateness to the business, then narrowed further based on competition and customer budget. A viable and working list of phrases is decided upon and work begins from there.

The process of search engine optimization involves creating unique pages within a website for each individual target term. The page itself is structured to be easily understood as a page dedicated to information on the topic, then unique content is developed for that page. At least 500 words is written on the subject, all unique and important for potential customers. Links are then developed to that page using a variety of hotlinked variations of the phrase, all with at least 500 words of unique content on that subject. These links are distributed offsite as well as on the website they are linking to. This process is repeated until a top of page one ranking is achieved for that phrase. Traffic is developed to the website by developing as many top ranking phrases as possible within the budget of the client.

Focus Internet Services does not use any strategy or technique that is outside the terms of service of Google. Our goal is to create the best information on a topic within the client website, and allow Google to do the rest. If you need SEO for your Las Vegas business, contact Focus Internet Services at 702-767-4637 or through their website Las Vegas SEO company.

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